New look, new lip balm

I love summer. Warm sun, swimming, boating, crabbing, casual days and nights with family and friends. A time to shed the school schedules, stay up late, have fun, relax and recharge. But all good things must come to an end. As September approaches and the kids begin to dread the inevitable start of the new school year, they complain, we rejoice. Sound familiar? 

As sad as it is to see summer go, it’s also refreshing to experience the fresh start of a new school year. New classes, teachers, schools, sports, routines, or friends, the new school year is filled with change and a renewed energy. There is something special about this time of year and I hope you enjoy it.

As we prepared to send our kids back to school, we were also hard at work putting the finishing touches on some new things at Ripple -- our new bottle design and new lip balms! Check em' out.


First the new design. We freshened up our look with Chesapeake Bay inspired colors and a water-influenced design for our Face Wash and Lotion bottles. The new packaging truly represents what Ripple is all about - clean, natural, bright and refreshing. I smile every time I look at them.  

And, just in time for Autumn’s drier weather, we have launched our natural and vegan lip balms in four scents - original mint, lavender, lemon lime and sweet orange. Ripple Lip Balm is made from plant-based waxes and oils that lock in moisture without being too heavy or goopy. They have a semi-matte finish to reduce the glossy shine and have great staying power. My boys are big fans of it. Lip balms are sold individually or in a set of 4 (one of each scent). Read more about them on the product page.

I’m excited to hear what you think! You can share your thoughts about Ripple products by leaving a review on our product pages. It’s easy to do. Just visit the page for the product you want to review, scroll down toward the bottom, then write and submit your review. No contact information is shared on the published review, only the name you enter and your comment. 

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